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Summer season can soon turn into silly season

Summer season can soon turn into silly season

We would usually associate Christmas as silly season, but I often find summer brings on its own set of problems, and in some cases these can be way more problematic than at any other time of the year. Something about the warm weather does that to people …

Signs that silly season is upon us

Warm weather brings about random invites to stand on pavements outside pubs shooting the breeze. Nothing wrong with that except when, or if, it becomes a problem. The usual suspects include constantly coming in late, smelling slightly off of stale booze, bloodshot eyes or just not coming in at all. Call CrosseHR, we’ll be well able to help.

Then there is the other trick of the kidder trade. Being taken suddenly ill on sunny days, days that coincidentally coincide with a sporting event, cricket, Wimbledon and horse racing are usually ones to watch, or the old favourite being sick the days following a return from holiday (if they returned at all). Just be aware that if they are sick on holiday, then thanks to our friends in the EU they are entitled to have that time back. Strange, but true, clearly they have never run a business! Having robust absence policies in place help hugely as well as the dreaded return to work interview.

Watch out for patterns, or give us a call, we are well used to summer silliness!

Contingency planning

Oh and the final one, they come back all tanned and full of life changing ideas, leaving their current job is usually top of the list. It’s not uncommon for September and October to rival February and March in the resignation stakes!!

Are you prepared?

Succession, contingency plans anyone? Give us a call we’ll sort that out for you.